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A gathering of anglers looking to learn and practice competitive fly fishing tactics on both rivers and lakes. Grow your skills by participating with the group or book an  experienced mentor for some one on one coaching sessions (charges may apply).

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Monthly competitions run from April through October at selected Alberta rivers and lakes. Earn points on your way to the gold medal and our Annual Championship event. 

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Without the conservation of Fish and Wildlife habitat there wouldn't be any places for us to play. Our group communicates and takes action on issues that perpetuate habitat loss. 

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In 2012 the North Central Alberta Fly Fishing League (NCAFFL) was founded. With the support of good people we have hosted  5 years of successful competition, helping to increase the knowledge and skills of Alberta fly anglers. As people become increasingly interested in our activities, the evolution into Alberta Competitive Fly Fishing creates greater opportunity for more Albertan's to participate.



League competitions (River/Lake) occur once a month from April - October (weather permitting) across the province. Everyone is welcome. Entry Fee may apply.

Alberta Stillwater Championship

2015 Provincial Stillwater Championships

An annual two-day loch style  fly fishing competition on some of Alberta's best trout fishing lakes bringing together some of western Canada's finest fly anglers. 

Alberta River Championship


A two day battle on some of Alberta's legendary flowing waters attracting some of the finest finesse anglers in the Province and beyond.



- How can this experience help me? You will CATCH MORE FISH, guaranteed.

- What do I need to participate? Fly rod, reel, lines, PFD, landing net, and an assortment of flies.



2014 >Gold - Josh Gelinas > Silver - Dean Kolody > Bronze - Travis Cragg

SAFFL Champion > Jason Doucette

2015 > Gold - Dean Kolody > Silver- Josh Gelinas > Bronze - Lance Lakusta

SAFFL Champion > Mike Briggs

2016 > Gold - Tommy Keogan > Silver - Justin Hardy > Bronze - Dean Kolody

2017 > Gold - Jon Toyad > Silver - Dean Kolody > Bronze - Ian George

2018 ACFF > Gold - Kevin Cucheron > Silver - Jon Toyad > Bronze - Jason Doucette


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2019 Events Schedule

No upcoming events.

2018 Event Results

Top 3 Anglers from each of the 8 Events in 2018

Event #1 Bow River - 1. Kevin Cucheron, 2. Angie Rankin, 3. Blank - Total Fish - 3

Event #2 Arb. Lake -  1. Kevin Cucheron 3-39 2. Jon Toyad 6-22 3. Lance Lakusta 7-23 - Total Fish - 202

#3 Spr. Lake -  1. Jon Toyad 4-8, 2. Jason Doucette 5-8-5224, 3. Vance Whitley 5-8 - 5160 - Total fish  - 34

#4 Bir. Lake -  1. Jason Doucette 4-42, 2. Justin Hardy 4-41, 3. Jon Toyad 4-31 - Total Fish - 214

#5 S. River - 1. Jason Doucette 3-45, 2. Jon Toyad 4-80, 3. Mike Briggs 4-28  - Total Fish - 300

#6 - AB River Championship -1. Ian George 5-31, 2. John Nishi 5-23, 3. Jon Toyad 7-26 Total Fish 154

#7 - AB Stillwater Ch. - 1. Justin Hardy 17-30, 2. Kevin Cucheron 21-23, 3. Gaby Roy 22-16 Total Fish 186

#8 - League Final - 1. Kevin Cucheron 3-55 2. Jason Doucette 3-29 3. Jon Toyad 8-20 Total Fish 190


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Reid Wilkins host of Inside Sports on 630 Ched (Corus Media) interviews Jason Doucette about Competitive Fly Fishing in Alberta. An informative piece for those interested in participating in our events.

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